Equine Law

Henry David Thoreau once described those sharing his philosophy, the transcendentalist, as a group of the likeminded, in that no two of them thought alike. Similarly, though sharing many core interests, no two equine owners or practitioners become involved in equine related pursuits for the same reasons. In fact, the term “equine law” does not even represent a single integrated field; it represents a broad spectrum of the law including agriculture law, tort law, contract law, business law, insurance law, property law and many more practice areas.

Equine Law is more than a mixed bag and we can help you with all of your needs, from the simple enthusiast to the seasoned business person.

Despite the interest in the field and in horses, few attorneys in Pennsylvania are actually engaged in the practice of equine law. However, we have mastered many of those areas of the law and have even taught some of these topics to other lawyers and law students in Pennsylvania.

The kinds of equine law work we perform include:

  • Boarding, Lease and Sale Agreements
  • Equine Related Personal Injury
  • Death or Injury to Horse
  • Business Planning
  • Collections

Brennan Law Offices is always happy to meet with clients and help them get the best resolution possible to their problem.

If necessary, Tim has developed an extensive network of trusted and experienced lawyers he may refer clients to if their cases require further specialization.