Workers Compensation

Have you been injured while at work or in the workplace? Or, are you out of work due to a work related injury? If you answered yes to either of these questions, our firm can help you with your workers compensation claim. Brennan Law Offices provides financial relief and support to people who have been injured at work and to families who have lost a loved one due to a work injury or accident. Our firm is in your corner and will fight for working families.

Workers Compensation Laws in Pennsylvania

Filing a claim for workers compensation can be frustrating and overwhelming and the system often seems stacked against an injured claimant. Having someone with experience and knowledge of the Workers Compensation laws of Pennsylvania will ease the frustration of filing a Workers Compensation lawsuit. The goal for every case is to provide our clients with high quality legal services so that a settlement or recovery may be possible.

Worker Compensation Act

The Pennsylvania Worker Compensation Act provides that all employers, including non-profit organizations, must issue workers compensation insurance for all employees. This includes full time employees, part time employees, and seasonal employees (but not contractors). Time is of the essence and plays a big part of filing a claim, so you must act immediately. Illnesses that occur from exposure to certain materials such as asbestos or benzenes are covered under the Workers Compensation Act. Such exposure can lead to a lifetime disability or even death. Under the Workers Compensation Act, work-loss benefits and medical benefits may be covered. Death benefits are usually paid to the dependent survivors if the death occurred from a work related injury or illness. Having to deal with a trauma such as a work related injury that leaves a person disabled is devastating. Having someone to fight for that worker’s rights can make the adjustment to everyday life somewhat easier so the worker can focus on getting his or her life back in order. Having a team like Brennan Law Offices can give you that relief and the compensation you deserve.

No fee unless we get compensation for you.

All workers compensation cases are handled on a contingency basis. We only get paid if we win or prevent the insurance company from stopping or altering your benefits.

Please ask about our Union discount.

At Brennan Law Office, we have a long history in our families of Union membership and Union support. That why we provide a union discount, below the general statutory fee, in solidarity with our friends in organized labor.

Brennan Law Offices is always happy to meet with clients and help them get the best resolution possible to their problem.

If necessary, Tim has developed an extensive network of trusted and experienced lawyers he may refer clients to if their cases require further specialization.