2 issues: employer not following WC doctor's restrictions and mgmt discrimination because of restrictions. What can I do?

Answered on Jul 26, 2015

Unfortunately, WC insurers are very aggressive and often resort to tactics that can damage people, physically mentally and as to their reputation/vocation. It is great to hear you are in a Union, it gives you far more leverage and protections than most people. Even if this seems bad regardless, that is a helpful factor when used appropriately. I do not know you age, vocational history or the benefits of your current job, but it does seem that you need to talk to someone to understand the WC process, what it can do and what it can’t, and to make some decisions about how to handle your future and maximize the positives of your case. You may need to shift your focus or to get help getting what you want. Either way, a WC consult seems necessary. The consults are free all the WC attorneys I know, so it would be time well spent. Good luck.