Brennan Law Offices wins for State Rep and Congressional hopeful

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Brennan Law Offices successfully defends State Representative, Congressional candidate and former Chairman of the House Campaign Committee

Brennan Law Offices successfully defended State Representative, Congressional candidate and former Director of the House Democratic Campaign Committee, Brendan Boyle, today. The hearing was conducted before Commonwealth Court Judge Gardner Colins as a trial under the state appellate court’s original jurisdiction.

A petition filed last week sought to challenge Representative Boyle’s ability to place his name on the ballot to run for reelection in his current 170th House District. Representative Boyle is also currently running for the United States Congress in the 13th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.

The petition alleged soley that it was improper for a person employed as a legislative assistant to notarize and circulate petitions under the Pennsylvania Notary Law. The Court found no such impropriety, noting the constitutional right to circulate petitions and engage in such activity on one’s personal time.

Notably, the Judge also commended the notary/legislative assistant, Mr. Nicholas Himebaugh, who testified briefly about his service to the community, background and motivations. Soon after, the Judge noted that the Commonwealth was lucky to have a person of his dedication and character.

The Judge also noted how well briefed the matter was by both counsel, Mr. Brennan and distinguished Bucks County Barrister Larry Otter. A published opinion is expected to follow.

Mr. Brennan noted that the case was somewhat of an oddity in that Representative Boyle has no opponent in his state house race. Mr. Brennan noted, “it’s a bit like shadow boxing, usually you know where the punches are coming from.”  He added, “we are pleased with the result, Mr. Boyle is a gentleman of the highest order, I sleep better knowing people like him are in government.  I am glad he will continue his service, hopefully for many more years to come.”

As an ironic aside, the term “shenanigans” was uttered at least three times during the three hour hearing, with the Judge ultimately stating on the record that no “shenanigans” were engaged in by Mr. Brennan’s client or the Democratic Caucus.