Can I be terminated for having surgery ?

Asked in Warminster, PA , on Dec 7, 2021

I recently had surgery that my supervisor knew about a month a head and helped me choose the date . I had surgery and had to be out for 7-10 days because my doctors note was not accepted . They told me to go on STD but was denied because illness was not severe . I occurred occurrences during my 1.5 weeks off and am being terminated for having too many missed days . Can I fight this ? This is not fair and it was planned with the supervisor and told in advanced before they hired me. It’s a large company so I am just a number , but this is wrongful termination.

Answered on Dec 8, 2021

This is slightly off topic, however, if you have a physical injury that gets worse because of work, even if it was not originally work related, it can be covered under WC and when you are terminated with restrictions there is a much more direct path to be compensated. An injury can occur from an “incident” or from repetitive trauma or the like. I see this scenario alot with injured workers and they often do not realize this. In terms of your specific injury, you may need to provide more information for example, where you in a Union or was there an agreement. What was the nature of the condition, was it permanent or temporary, what were the policies and was there compliance and was there any effort to seek an accommodation. Good luck.