Can i get a second opinion from a podiatrist and stay with him for my workers comp claim?

Asked in Trexlertown, PA , on Jan 28, 2014

Its 6 mos after my injury and was diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome by the comp doctor without emg tests so i want second opinion and will wc insurance pay? And can i cancel my next appointment with comp doctor?

Answered on Jan 29, 2014

I generally get my clients away from the panel doctors for WC as soon as possible. I have seen some very questionable opinions from panel doctors who get many of their cases form the insurance companies. You should also be conscious that some employer’s impermissibly take action to discipline or remove injured employees to avoid liability for wage loss payments, so you should be sensitive to how your particular employer is responding. There can be pressure from the insurance companies. That said, an attorney would be helpful in most circumstances to tell you if there seems to be issues on the horizon, to help you with deciding how to move forward with treatment, timing and long term issues – I see many people’s claims permanently damaged because of going it alone and not anticipating many of the issues that come up. You should get a free consult.