Can I go to diabetic eye doctor while on workmans comp for broken leg

Answered on Feb 9, 2015

Some of your question is unclear, but It sounds like you have an appointment for the date you are supposed to go back to work. You should just be sure to completely be clear with the employer. You should also be skeptical of panel doctors speculating a return date without seeing you. Often time people are rushed back to work before they are ready or the insurer fails to agree to all the things that have happened to you after an injury – which effects your future care among other things. You should probably sit down with a WC attorney to talk about your circumstances – it is generally a free consult with a WC attorney. Trust me the adjuster is talking to an attorney. Now more than ever the insurer has complete control to twist you around and hurt your future rights, at the very least you should talk to someone to understand that. Most attorneys handling this type of case would be happy to help you early rather than having to clean things up later in the claim. Good luck.