Can I quit my current job while being on lite duty on workers comp?

Asked in Lancaster, PA , on Feb 9, 2016

I’m on workers comp in Pa, my company moved me to a plant 30 mins away from my home (I’m usually at the one 10 mins away from home) because I’m still on lite duty. I don’t like the drive at all and they changed my hours. My question is can i quit this job while being under my docs care and get another job? Can someone hire me under these circumstances? What would be my options?

Answered on Feb 15, 2016

You should definitely not quit, that could compromise your WC claim. If the drive is physically painful or creating symptoms that may be a basis for you to request additional accommodations. You may also have protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act. I would not make any moves without talking to an attorney first, as someone else no doubt mentioned, consults are free for this type of case. You may have a large case than you anticipate and quiting would definitely compromise that. Good luck.