Can I require my neighbor to remove trees he planted on my property line over 20 years ago

Answered on Dec 28, 2010

There are a few other questions I would ask, including whether you had title insurance, when you bought the property and any communications you had about the issue. Even if you recently bought the property and had title insurance, you would probably also have had to have purchased an Endorsement 300 to make sure issues like this are covered.

There are suits in equity you may persue to have someone remove a tree on your property line, However based on what you are saying the other party may argue he has rights to the area due to consentable lines or that they acquired title by adverse possession. To avoid that, maybe you could reach some type of agreement with the neghbor related to the trees. If you are really concerned, you should talk to an attorney about it and have them deal with it. I often have people reach some type of agreement in these cases.

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