Can i sue employer for health reasons due to mold in there building

Asked in Strasburg, PA , on Jun 22, 2014

i worked at my job for 8yrs & it seemed like each year i would miss more work from being sick, well a former employee found out they had mold & turned them into osha, osha made them take care of problem, but i heard from previous mgr that the mold is in the basement,i do plan on calling osha , it really got bad for me last month i was sick for 2weeks,bronc, and could hardly breath, i know this is due to the mold in basement which in turn is coming thru the vents,do i have a legal foot to stand on?

Answered on Jun 22, 2014

I had the same type of case last year, black mold along with exposure to pigeon droppings in a ventilation system. You can also consider making a workers compensation claim, which would depend on more of the specifics but you should definitely look into that option.