Can you sue workers compensation insurance company?

Asked in Berwick, PA , on Aug 10, 2015

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that they gave me a hard time since day one. It’s now over 2 yrs since injury and had to go thru my health insurance to find the cause of the pain but is directly related to the injury. Plenty more to add.

Answered on Aug 11, 2015

As the remainder of attorneys mentioned, a workers compensation claim is a suit against the insurer. There are occasions when an insurer might be sued directly, the last I recall with for a fabricated for cause termination that led to a defamation claim. I am not sure what would be available in you case given the limited facts. WC insurers are the worst, I think everyone on this site understands just how hard these insurers are to deal with – insult to injury. Good luck.