Do I have a case? Will i get fired for filing a law suit? What kind of money could i sue them for or the machine manufacture?

Answered on Apr 29, 2016

You absolutely have a WC claim. In addition to the wage loss and the medical benefits, you likely also have a claim for scarring and disfigurement. You should push the scarring issue where ever you end up, which is a separate and additional payment you may be entitled to. Obviously, I am encouraging you to get representation as soon as possible. Often times an attorney receives these types of cases and the pro se claimant has created hurdles for the case. If you are already receiving benefits, a WC attorney should not take a fee from your existing benefits unless they win in some fashion for you. Alot goes on early on and many of these cases ultimately settle, so most workers compensation attorneys would want to help you now to improve you settlement potential. Also, the insurers companies in the WC context are fairly aggressive so the attorneys expect to have to defend your benefits (and win something) early on, because the insurer tend to put cutting benefits in front of getting the Claimant back to normal. You also may have a third party tort case, you may have more than one case, but you have to provide the full details/facts. You should know that the WC insurer will assert a lien for the amount they pay you in the third party case – that can have both good and bad effects, but again this requires more facts and will become more clear as the claim progresses. Call an attorney, you need one. Good luck.