Do I need a worker's compensation lawyer?

Answered on Jun 9, 2015

Your benefits will be tied to the type of injury on your Notice of Compensation Payable (NCP) – if you cut off your arm, the insurance company would call it a sprained shoulder. The NCP generally does not reflect your actual injury, it shows some minimized injury the insurance company is willing to accept without a full fledged fight. If your cervical injury was caused by your work, your work was a substantial factor for your injury or your work aggravated another injury causing the surgery, you should be able to recover. You more than likely need to file a review petition to add the neck injury. Since you also had a cervical discectomy, should also be entitled to an award for your neck scar. I am not sure how you went of work but that could effect the other petitions that should be filed. I would think hiring an attorney would be a good idea, it sounds like a lot is going on with your case. Most workers compensation attorneys will do a free consult so there is not much to lose. Good luck.