Does worker's comp pay for the ambulance that took a person to the hospital when they were injured?

Asked in Warminster, PA , on Jan 7, 2015

My wife is a teacher in Bucks County, PA. She fell down steps inside the school and broke a few bones in her foot. An ambulance took her to the hospital but now we are getting hassled about paying the $1000 ambulance bill. Shouldn’t worker’s comp cover that if they have been covering everything else?

Answered on Jan 8, 2015

Cause and effect injury, you would think they would have a hard time looking themselves in the mirror to deny that one. The insurer will often insistent on the formality of receiving several proper form and some companies just aren’t good at that aspect of their work. I am guessing that is part of it. Pushing it to the adjuster and the WC insurer is absolutely appropriate. Good luck.