How do I get representation for a smaller comp case with complications that could be larger?

Answered on Jun 18, 2015

I tend to agree, you often see these types of conditions aggravated by work which leads to a surgery. An aggravation in and of itself is a WC injury. The first think for you is to get the right medical providers. It is hard to tell the status, whether there has been an acceptance, but for the first 90 days you generally have to treat with a WC panel doctor of the insurers choosing. Unfortunately you do not always get the best care during that period. That is an important first question. Depending on the medical, you likely do have a claim. You need to flesh out the details about the lesser light duty job – is that a new employer? Regardless, you should speak with a WC attorney, consults are generally free for those that practice in the field. Maybe do a search on AVVO for WC attorneys, that should get you in the right direction. Good luck.