How much is my settlement for my elbow im told i wont be able to do my line of work ever again and my hourly wage was $13.00 an

Asked in Catasauqua, PA , on May 13, 2016

I shattered my left elbow at work and just got my third operation and now i am looking to get sn entire elbow replacement

Answered on May 15, 2016

To be honest with you, with my clients, I would hope that they get the elbow replacement first before settling. You want to be in a position that you can take care of yourself somehow after settlement and there is too much uncertainty when you have a surgery looming. The amount of the settlement and the advisability of settling are all things that are very fact intensive, you need several conversations and a work up before getting close to being able to answer this type of question. If you have not talked to an attorney you should, these cases are contingent, meaning you only pay if they win. There is very little risk in it and it leads to better results then those that try and go it alone. Good luck.