I acquired renal cancer at the time I was working in harsh conditions underground can the workplace be liable

Asked in Philadelphia, PA , on Nov 17, 2021

I lost a kidney I haven’t been the same ever since I get really bad infections I have low energy as well as pains an they don’t really understand at work it’s hard because I feel my life expectancy was cut short an I don’t feel comfortable working in those conditions anymore because iam scares of reaccurance Now it’s been about 8 month since surgery but I thought I’d recover an it’s not east working like this iam around chemicals daily Along with soil dirt silica insulation an who knows what Else I had cance but it was in one kidney an tests said it wasnt genetic

Answered on Nov 21, 2021

To honestly know if you have a workers compensation claim, the best thing to do would be to sit down or call (these days) and have a lengthy discussion about your work environment. Sometimes there are things that come up in that process that allows a claim to be made. I had an individual with cancer who worked with spray foam and it had toluene diisocyanate in it which is a carcinogen. There are any number of circumstances this can come up and with certain chemicals and professions there may even be a work related presumption. It really does take a deep dive in these cases and it is unclear without the help of medical experts and more facts if this is related to work. That said, I strongly encourage you to talk to an attorney immediately. You are required to provide notice within 120 days of learning you have a work related injury. If you medical records describe a doctor telling you about it or about your suspicions if could make it very difficult for you attorney. Talk to someone ASAP would be my suggestion.