I got a hernia at work and have been out on workman's comp. Today I was told I am now suspended. What should I do?

Answered on Mar 20, 2015

If you are worried about being terminated, there is probably good reason for it, you know you employer better than you could describe here. Also, in workers compensation cases, employers/insurers often have an incentive to fire people for “misconduct” so they no longer have to pay wages lost because of the injury. Unfortunately, something like this happens in at least 4 of 10 cases I see and probably more. You have a benefit, you have an employer who also does not want to pay it, you should see an attorney. Your case actually could benefit from your pregnancy because of the secondary liability they could face if they fire you for an improper basis. However, you should b especially careful right now to make sure you do not do or say anything that would compromise your ongoing benefits.