I need help about my worker compensation case.

Answered on May 15, 2016

This sounds like a causation question. I find the ability to establish a WC injury secondary to a first injury to be quite broad. If there are two causes create an injury and they are both work related, you have clear causation of your work injury. If there is two causes and only one is work related, then you have a work injury if the work related cause is a substantial factor. Additionally, there are injuries that would not have occurred but for a work injury which are generally compensible – this can be the PT injury in a rehab from a work injury or a work related knee injury that leads to giving out that causes a fall injuring another body part. These cases are contingent so you should talk to an attorney, you only pay if you win, so there is not much risk. Good luck.
3. But for – but for work would not have occurred