I was wondering if It would be in my best interest to file for worker's compensation. The job has aggravated my back and neck

Answered on Feb 20, 2014

You have an awful lot going on but you should give notice of the work condition as soon as possible. You can be on WC and STD at the same time with a credit possibly. SSD prior to your WC resolution can make things more difficult – which will depend on some age and other factors that are not mentioned here. The heart issue would not necessarily disqualify you from WC so long as you are not disabled solely for these reasons. I find these types of cases with another condition interesting because often times it ties the employers hand with the jobs they make available. That can help with negotiating a settlement. I would be careful with how you are explaining things to your employer, especially regarding the heart condition. I honestly would talk to an attorney about planning how you can maximize the benefits for you and your family and also protect yourself.