I worked for a website design/development company as a graphic designer. I signed a non-compete contract when I started, …

Answered on Dec 31, 2010

There are a number of issues to think about. It sounds like you signed a contract with the company in addition to the non-compete, It would depend on the terms of both. Additionally, there would be concerns about the oral agreement and whether in could be proved in light of the written agreement (i.e. parole evidence questions). Is there anything that could have been found in the email accounts that would hurt your case or was there anything in writting to confirm your agreement related to the graphics for the client you mentioned?

You have a decent shot at unemployment, but some of these issues could be a problem. You should probably have an attorney at the hearing to deal with them.

As for a suit against your former employer, damages may be a question. Was there any business damage or egregious actions?