If I been out on disability in the state of Pennsylvania and my doctor says I can return to a light duty can my job say no.

Asked in Bloomsburg, PA , on Sep 7, 2021

I am a nurse In a nursing home in the state of Pennsylvania who caught covid-19 and I have had some severe complications from it. My doctor said I can return to work on a light duty basis but my job has told me I must return without being on light duty or I am fired even though workers who get injured on the job can work light duty till fit to return to full duty status.

Answered on Sep 8, 2021

These Covid cases are very difficult. If you have long-term complications, you may want to be sure that they’ve actually accepted the injury in the first place. Often times there will be a temporary acceptance followed by a denial. If you’re currently out of work, now may be the best time to fight this out. You should really talk to a workers comp attorney who has dealt with these Covid claims, if there a long term issues, there could be a lot to lose by not pushing the issue. Good luck.