If I reschedule a panel Dr appt and employer wants me to go do they close my case?

Asked in Reading, PA , on Jun 9, 2016

I had a panel Dr appt yesterday and also had my first physical therapy appt and I was too sore and in pain which is normal after first session I called and reschedule for Friday because I knew I wouldn’t make it today and I took my muscle relaxers last night and today in the morning this pill makes me drowsy,sleepy and lightheaded my employer is obligating me to go today as they went and schedule me today without my consent I called manager and said I could not make it today and explained why they still want me to go and said if I didn’t go they can deny my case I am still under the first month someone please help me

Answered on Jun 13, 2016

The WC insurance company will take advantage of injured workers for as long as they can get away with it. Often they will tell you exactly who to treat with even in the first 90 days, which is inappropriate. You should have a list of provider, many of whom are bad option, but list nonetheless. There are several ways to get to other providers even during the 90 day period. If you feel you have a serious injury, the time is now to get advise from an attorney. They will be looking to cut off your claim with as little responsibility as possible – by calling it a sprain or a flesh wound and/or by bringing you back to early so they can send a suspension notice (if you get one of these get help asap). Often time PT causes injuries or makes people worse during the panel period. This will be a related injury but you need to handle it appropriately. I would say hire an attorney, if you are getting benefits now you would not be paying a fee unless they win in some way. Also the consults are free so there is little to lose. Good luck.