I’m on light duty we work 10 hours 2 hours of that is overtime can my work place stop me from work 10 hours cause I’m on light ?

Asked in Shickshinny, PA , on Nov 23, 2021

I have a tear on my labrum so I’m on light duty

Answered on Nov 29, 2021

You likely have to provide more information and talk to someone on this. If you are a Union employee, you may have a contract provision on it. Most people work at will and you would not have a general entitlement to overtime. They cannot deny you overtime solely because of a disability or they could violate the ADA, but would be hard to enforce. I think Attorney Neiman is right that the focus should be on why you are not getting paid by the WC insurer for your wage loss. It raises some questions about whether the claim is being handled correctly. If you are past the 90 day period or if you have a basis to avoid the panel providers I would generally recommend that for my clients. You should talk to an attorney, these cases are contingent, unless an attorney is successful for you in some why there is generally not a fee. Some will also represent you if you are already receiving benefits until they do something to benefit you. Claimants are always better off getting help. Good luck.