In Pennsylvania can an employer ask your dr why you can't work a full 8 hours?

Asked in Harrisburg, PA , on Oct 7, 2021

I have been in a workers compensation nightmare the past 90 days. My employer has been influencing my work restrictions forcing me to work a full 8 hours a day light duty yes but painful nonetheless. I went to another Dr my own Dr and they knocked me back to 4 hours a day instead of 8. The panel Dr wouldn’t even do that. A Dr at concentra finally cut my hours back only for the dr I was referred to put me back to 8 hours a day.

Upon informing my employer that my hours were reduced to 4 hours a day he had a fit and wanted to talk to my Dr’s. No doubt to try to make them keep me suffering at 8 hours a day.

Answered on Oct 7, 2021

The first 90 days of a claim area usually the most important of any claim. You should pay close attention to the paperwork, it could be that they are only temporarily accepting your claim and they could be looking for reasons to pull the temporary acceptance and leave you without protections. Alternatively, maybe they may have accepted a claim and are trying to file a suspension to stop your benefits – frequently people are then let go without any responsibility to the former employee. During the panel period you often see people not getting the tests they need or getting injured worse in PT. You did not provide much details, but all and all, you need a good WC attorney to get you through it. If you are already receiving benefits many attorneys will not even take a fee until they do something to preserve your benefits or settle the case. Now would be the most important time to get help. If you receive a notice of modification or suspension, you need to act even quicker. Good luck.