Insurance at work questions.

Answered on Jul 29, 2015

You have alot of things going on here, you really do need to sit down and talk to a WC attorney. It is an interesting question regarding the $50 dollars extra you may be paid for working more hours. It is likely a benefit plan and not part of your wages etc, but I could think of some argument. They would all be uphill and I do not think you would receive anything for that. You need to understand what the pluses and minuses are of your case and what you could stand to gain from holding the insurer fully accountable for your future loss of earnings (which you might lose when you go back to work). An attorney would need to know your age, the severity of the injury and alot more about your case for a full explanation there. You should sit down with an attorney, consults are free on this type of case. Just ask in advance. Good luck.