Is it illegal to abandon someone outside their home state

Asked in Bethlehem, PA , on Jul 29, 2015

My boyfriend works for a welding company based in PA. He and one other person are currently working in Albany, NY. He was injured on the job due to poorly maintained equipment. He needed stitches and was given narcotic pain medication. He attempted to work today on light duty, but between the meds and the heat he felt I’ll and was returned to the hotel. His boss began to act weird at that point attempting to force him to work. He proceeded to get a no work note from the doctor that took care of him. His concern at this point is that his coworkers will attempt to leave without him.

Answered on Jul 30, 2015

I do not know anything on point about leaving someone in another state, since the intent would have arose in NY, it would likely be a NY civil law question. However, the injury could be a PA workers compensation claim, if it was a contract/agreement in PA to work out of state. You should talk to a WC attorney as well. If the stitches are in a visible area, there might be a separate benefit that he would be entitled to – that the insurance company would never give voluntarily. The point of the claim where you are just hurt, if most important, if PA law applies he would need to avoid quitting or get fired at this point. That is out with restrictions is a good thing, they usually try to remove the restrictions and then fire people – less responsibility.