Is it legal for your employer to schedule you more hours in a pay than you need to work while receiving partial compensation ?

Asked in Lebanon, PA , on Feb 20, 2022

I am technically holding a part-time position. Prior to being injured I always worked a lot of overtime at my own discretion. Now my employer is trying to schedule me over my part-time hours because they said I used to always do that. While that is correct, I am on heavy restrictions and having a tough time getting through the short four hour shifts I am being scheduled. Now they continue to add more hours and I just want to know can I be scheduled over what I technically have to provide for them while I am injured?

Answered on Feb 25, 2022

It is likely early in your claim, the first few months. They potentially are trying to avoid paying you wage loss by pulling a temporary notice of compensation payable. Maybe they are trying to accept only a medical claim, which limits your rights. If it is a bit later in the claim, they my be trying to issue a suspension of your benefits without having to go to court. There is not many facts here, but there is alot of smoke and whether there is smoke there is fire. It sounds like your employer and insurer and trying to limit their responsibility on this claim. You should talk to an attorney and give them the chance for a full intake. These cases are generally contingent, so you do not pay unless there is a recovery or protection of your benefits of some sort. Good luck.