Is it possible to switch law firms in the middle of a workers comp case?

Asked in Emmaus, PA , on Mar 31, 2014

Got low settlement offer from insurance and current firm partners contacted me and are insisting I take it even though my attorney at the firm felt I shouldn’t. Talks with partners are gone very badly. I also have a pending PI suit and concerned about this firms abilities and interest.

Answered on Mar 31, 2014

Yes, you have the absolute right to choose the attorney to handle your matter. Ethically a departing attorney should give written notice that they are leaving and the client can choose to stay or go. In these type of cases though a fee dispute could arise, especially given that it has been worked up to settlement. Rather than pressuring you to settle, you should be advised of the risks and benefits, get the professional advise of the attorney and make your decision knowing all of the aspects of the case. Hopefully that is something that they do before you move forward.