My Worker's Comp Insurance Company is requesting a Recorded Statement. Do I have to do this? If I don't, they will deny claim.

Asked in Wilkes Barre, PA , on Dec 19, 2013

Already receiving Worker’s Compensation since October 2013. Now they pull this Recorded Statement thing saying need statement and sign waiver. I filled out incident report and signed medical release form. I believe that is enough. If I do not cooperate they will deny my claim. The Insurance company hired a private detective to perform the Recorded statement. So they are watching me now as well. I am unable to work and need 2 separate surgeries in the Spring 2014. Please advise.

Answered on Dec 23, 2013

I definitely agree you should speak to an attorney before giving a statement. Many individuals I speak with think they can go it alone and do damage to their case. An attorney will help you form your goals, which many clients do have initially, i.e. return to the company or seek a settlement. It also protects you from saying anything that could hurt your case. However, as with any legal question, the specific facts would have to be considered in charting a course. Good luck.