Should i get a workmon comp lawyer

Answered on Feb 14, 2014

You have a number of things going on and should (1) get an attorney, (2) get a nonpanel doctor. If you are losing wages because of a work injury or an aggravation of a non work injury, you should be compensated. Quitting makes the case a little more complicated, but you should still be able to recover if the reason you quit was related to the work injury. The insurance company will pay for medical reasonably, necessary and related to the work injury they have accepted. It is likely that your Notice of Compensation Payable has some variation of a strain but that you have a more significant injury. You will need to file to expand the definition of the injury for full coverage. Don’t walk away from it until you are paid what you deserve and you know what is wrong. It appears you need to talk with a workers compensation attorney to be sure you are treated properly, good luck.

Timothy P. Brennan, Esq.
Brennan Law Offices