Should I sue? Can I sue ?

Answered on May 15, 2016

You gave some of the initial facts, but a full sit down discussion would be advisable. First responders, even volunteers, are entitled to WC benefits. This can include your loss of wages and possible additional amounts for loss of use of your finger. This would have to be a permanent injury for the additional benefits. Obviously, you would prefer to get to the right doctors to avoid that. In the first 90 days you may be required to treat with a panel provider, which is not always the best experience. You would have to provide more detail to see if there are exceptions to this. If a third party is responsible for some of your injury, you may also have a suit against them. Again you would need to provide more detail. You should talk to an attorney, these types of cases should be handled contingent, meaning you do not pay unless the attorney wins. There is no much risk in that situation. Good luck.