How can i obtain my license. It's been suspended indefinitely until i settle a judgment against me.

Asked in Allentown, PA , on Nov 18, 2014

This occur in 2001 So it’s way past the statute of limitations sol. What’s the cost to file a petition to the courts to get this taken out and show pendot proof that it’s been settle.

Answered on Nov 19, 2014

I am not sure there are enough facts, it sounds like this could be a judgment for damage to a vehicle in an accident that was forwarded to PennDOT. If they had it on your driving records they would want to see payment. There are a number of other possibilities such as a non payment at a magistrate or a failure to respond. You should probably sit down and discuss it with an attorney who handles these cases.

I won a judgement against my tenant. Now he is appealing and claims I don't have a judgment against him and he has filed

Asked in Greensburg, PA , on Feb 20, 2012

a counter claim for almost $5,000 ..Is my judgement not good due to the fact that he appealed? And does he have to have proof of some sort for the counter claim?

Answered on Feb 27, 2012

If this was a judgment in District Magistrate Court, he could be indicating that he has appealed to the County. You would have to file a complaint in the county at that point. Most Prothonotary staff are willing to explain this frequently reoccurring issue to landlord.

I have a failure to appear 16 years ago in NJ

Asked in Allentown, PA , on Feb 9, 2012

I called the court house in Union Nj and was told about a year ago that I have a failure to appear and a warrant. The lady stated that I must pay $1000 and get a court date. I called today and the court transferred me to the sheriff office that deals with warrant and the lady took my information and stated that she didn’t find a warrant for me. Is it possible that it was lifted since it was 16 years ago?

Answered on Feb 12, 2012

As an aside, you should make sure PennDOT has the correct address for you, it is a a requirement under 75 Pa.C.S. 1515. If notice of a failure to respond is transferred to PennDOT it could lead to a indefinate suspension under Section 1533. If PennDOT does not have the right address, you might not know about it until you were stopped under suspension.

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