DUI & Expungements

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Most people make mistakes in life. That is human nature, and we must ensure that people are given a second chance.

Past convictions and DUI charges can prevent you from getting the job you deserve, receiving a security clearance, and renting a car or a home.

At Brennan Law Offices we understand that you deserve to move on with your life.

That’s why we work with clients like you to plead down and in many cases beat your DUI prosecution.

We also can work with you to expunge past convictions so you can live your life confident that unfortunate incidents from your past won’t prevent a better future.

If you are facing a DUI charge or would like to expunge a past drug or DUI conviction from your record we have a long track record of helping people like you.

We know that every client’s circumstances are unique and we will work with you to help make that case.

Please reach out to us to find out more about what we can do to help you by scheduling a consultation. As in all of our work, most consultations are of no cost to you.

A brighter future is possible and we are here to help make that a possibility.

If you’d like to work through a difficult situation or work to clear your record, we are the law firm for you.

How can i obtain my license. It's been suspended indefinitely until i settle a judgment against me.

Asked in Allentown, PA , on Nov 18, 2014

This occur in 2001 So it’s way past the statute of limitations sol. What’s the cost to file a petition to the courts to get this taken out and show pendot proof that it’s been settle.

Answered on Nov 19, 2014

I am not sure there are enough facts, it sounds like this could be a judgment for damage to a vehicle in an accident that was forwarded to PennDOT. If they had it on your driving records they would want to see payment. There are a number of other possibilities such as a non payment at a magistrate or a failure to respond. You should probably sit down and discuss it with an attorney who handles these cases.