I was denied for short term disability

Asked in Connellsville, PA , on Sep 29, 2014

Back in June I was diagnosed with chiari malformation. My primary dr took me off work due to the bad headaches I get everyday. I also have numbness in hands and feet. I wanted to know if I have a case to fight for the short term disability and my insurance back? My employer also called and put me on final warning due too my dr not releasing me. I just wanted to know if I have a case or would it be a waste of my time?

Answered on Sep 29, 2014

You really need to talk to an employment attorney about the full details. There is the possibility of a WC claim and it is a common claim management strategy to fire people to avoid paying wage loss benefits when an employee goes out of work. Also, much of a short term disability claim will depend on the policy, which would have to be reviewed. You should contact someone to do a full review.

In PA can you be fired while out on workmans comp?

Asked in Brookhaven, PA , on Dec 24, 2010

I have an acute fracture and was advised by a orthopedic specialist to file a workmans comp case.. I am a mechanic and I am the only mechanic at the collision shop that I work at and have 2 children at home to worry about. If I file in PA can my boss let me go? And if he does can I do anything about it?

Answered on Dec 27, 2010

You should definately contact a workers compensation attorney. I have a legal guide on my profile that can walk you through some of the early considerations that you can review. However, if the orthopedic specialists is telling you that you are going to be out for a while, you should really speak with someone in person to find out what benefits are available to you. Protecting your job and preserving your entitlements are both issues that need to be considered.

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