(Pennsylvania Worker's Comp Case) Can a IC's Nurse Case manager talk to the Dr. after my appointment without my permission?

Asked in Beaver, PA , on Feb 18, 2014

Also if not could the nurse be reported to perhaps the PA Nursing Board for privacy invasion ? I did not sign any of the papers from the nurse. No the nurse did not come in while I was with the Dr. but went in right after I came out, without asking or inviting me in.

Answered on Feb 18, 2014

The nurse case managers do everything they can to divine permission to inquire into your medical condition, you should be explicit as possible in denying them any past, present or future authority. There is often some paper on file before an attorney is involved. It is a HIPPA violation if they are not authorized. Again, just make sure you have made it clear they have no such authority.

I filed for workers comp. Can my employer send someone along to my doctor appts and talk to my doc about my work/medical status?

Asked in York, PA , on Dec 27, 2013

I am trying to get workers compensation benefits. I don’t know if it is my employer’s nurse or an insurance adjuster but someone is showing up at my doctor’s appointments with my own physician and talking to my doctor about my work status and medical status. Can they do this?

Answered on Dec 30, 2013

Honestly, I have heard many clients say they love their nurse and trust their nurse, then I subpoena records and see that the nurse has been completely undermining my client’s case. These individuals are paid to reduce risk of exposure to the insurance company. If you have a nurse coming to your appointments, you probably have something to lose and should hire an attorney to protect your rights. Good luck.