Can i sue employer for health reasons due to mold in there building

Asked in Strasburg, PA , on Jun 22, 2014

i worked at my job for 8yrs & it seemed like each year i would miss more work from being sick, well a former employee found out they had mold & turned them into osha, osha made them take care of problem, but i heard from previous mgr that the mold is in the basement,i do plan on calling osha , it really got bad for me last month i was sick for 2weeks,bronc, and could hardly breath, i know this is due to the mold in basement which in turn is coming thru the vents,do i have a legal foot to stand on?

Answered on Jun 22, 2014

I had the same type of case last year, black mold along with exposure to pigeon droppings in a ventilation system. You can also consider making a workers compensation claim, which would depend on more of the specifics but you should definitely look into that option.

Water damage due to incorrect installation of kitchen appliance, liability under PA state law

Asked in Quakertown, PA , on Dec 27, 2011

A customer is stating that installer is responsible for a dishwasher installation completed March of 2007. Steam from the dishwasher vent has, according to the homeowner, damaged his laminate countertop. Is this beyond the statute of limitation for workmanship? Where can I find the specific laws pertaining to same?

Answered on Jan 3, 2012

A negligence suit must be filed within 2 years and, in most cases, a breach of contract action must be filed in 4 years. However, if applicable, a consumer may bring a suit for unfair consumer trade practices, which has a longer statute of limitations.

Will I be fined for accidentally hitting a person with my car in a mall parking lot?

Asked in Greenville, PA , on Dec 23, 2010

It was 9 pm and the man was not walking in a cross walk. He was wearing a black peacoat so I did not see him untill the last second. I was not going over 10 mph, the man hit my hood and bounced off. He was relatively okay but still was talon by ambulence to a hospital. Will I be expecting a traffic fine. I know insurance should cover his medical expenses

Answered on Dec 28, 2010

IGiven that it was night time, the person was out of the crosswalk (presumably crossing and not walking in the road) and was wearing dark close, it does not sound like something they would cite you for. However, it would be in the descretion of the officer and they could send you one by mail. They may just note a possible violation in the police report, but not actually cite you; I have seen that. I agree that civil liability is your number one issues. You have a number of defenses, but you MUST tell your insurance company right away.

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