Car ran stop sign and hit my vehicle going 40mph and according to other driver's insurance I'm 10% at fault?

Asked in Northampton, PA , on Nov 24, 2015

It was a 4 way stop sign intersection, I stopped and proceeded to make a left turn. The other vehicle ran his stop sign going at least 40mph and did not use his brakes at all. He collided with my vehicle and his insurance is claiming I’m 10% at fault. There was no way for me to avoid this accident, because it was an older gentleman, he didn’t even see me or the stop sign until he hit me. I didn’t see him running the stop sign until it was too late. I’ve had a headache for the past 3 days now and my neck hurts, and I never have any headaches. Is there anything I can do to fight this? Because now my car’s all messed up and they want me to pay to have my car fixed in an accident that wasn’t my fault.

Answered on Nov 25, 2015

You definitely should continue your treatment, there are alot of great doctors in the Lehigh Valley, I would see one and continue to treat. The headache and neck pain could be a sign of something more significant going on. The insurance question has been answered several times, but as to the potentially bigger questions you need to talk to someone about your policy, the nature of the injuries and the damages. Consults are generally free for this sort of thing and fees are generally contingent on winning or settling, so I would say the only way you are risking anything is by doing nothing. Good luck.

Was injured in weis supermarket in Easton PA

Asked in Bethlehem, PA , on Oct 14, 2015

I was injured when cases of water fell on me, my eyes were damaged when my glasses was hit and the lenses hit my right eye. I had to have surgery done on my right hand, as my finger was damaged. My right knee was pinned and swollen and damage nerves, i didn’t want to do the surgery to correct that. After my hand was left at 50/50 usage, the Weis insurance company keep transferring me from one claim specialist to another. and it’s getting no where

Answered on Oct 15, 2015

It sounds like with will need a personal injury attorney to go over the specifics of your case. Slip and fall cases are very case specific, but with the damages you are describing it seems necessary. Fees for personal injury cases are contingent and a referral would be free more than likely. Good luck.