Torn meniscus, doctor wants me to lose weight before scheduling surgery, will this delay affect my workers comp?

Answered on May 2, 2015

One of the important things to keep on top of is the records received from the insurer/workers compensation. It sounds like the insurer accepted some type of injury, a strain? However, it does not sound like that is the real injury, since you say it is a tear. So, you already would likely have to litigate this, or at least it sounds like it would be advisable. As to the weight, what I would worry about is that they might attribute your tear to degeneration and weight. That is way you need someone shepherding what is going on – medically and legally. Often times clients come to attorneys too late, after they already screwed up there cases. You should consult with someone because it is almost always free and there is way to much going on to get what you need on Avvo.