What are my next steps/options?

Asked in Breinigsville, PA , on Mar 11, 2022

My husband has not received his workers comp payment in almost a month & he is supposed to get it every 2 weeks. Last payment he deposited on Feb 14th. They have not gave us a letter or anything saying payments have ceased. I tried calling the PA dept of WC & the insurer Esis as well. I have not heard from Esis & the original claims adjuster is no longer employed by the company, I asked her how to get in touch with someone, she did not reply back. We have bills to pay, & kids to feed, & I’m not sure we can survive strictly off my income as I’m on short term disability due to childbirth. This is scaring me & stressing us out. what can we do?

Answered on Mar 12, 2022

Very much depends on the nature of the documents that have been filed with the Department of Labor. There is an easy route to request those and have them reviewed by an attorney, it would be a good idea. Early on in the claim is the most important time period, many rights are fixed in our lost. You should have a call or sit down with an attorney, get these records requested and figure out the right path forward. If this is a significant injury, there is alot to lose. Also, must attorneys will not charge for this as most will handle the case on a contingency, meaning if they do not win or settle it, there would not be a fee.