What can I do about a false summary?

Asked in Hamburg, PA , on Jan 29, 2022

The insurance carrier received the doctors IME Report and it says that I am maybe capable of returning to an easier job with restrictions. A company working for the insurance carrier made a summary of this report and it says that I can return to work immediately. Is that false information?

Answered on Jan 29, 2022

Well IME’s are paid opinions and not medical treatment information. In my experience, they tend to have a fair amount of fiction in them. That said, it is clear that you are in an important stage of your workers compensation case. This is likely a precursor to the insurance company filing a petition to stop your benefits. You will likely need to hire and depose a doctor in response, so now would be the time to start talking to an attorney if you do not have one already. It is even more important if you are in the first 90 days after an injury. How the next several months go, whether you have funds during that period and many important issues are likely to be decides in the next short period of time. You should get the help you need on it. Good luck.