What can i do about it.

Answered on May 21, 2016

It is very difficult to deal with the WC system, it was initially set up to benefit employees and then the lobbyists and insurers destroyed many of the strongest protections. You are in a decent position as described, but you really need to act right away to establish your claim and make sure your rights are protected. Even after the insurer gets involved they will act in ways that are unsavory to try and limit you claims – in my experience they nearly always fail to accept the proper injury, they cause unjust terminations to avoid payments, they have people follow your care who do not seem to care about the injured worker etc. The whole process is a maze of constant employer/insurer shenanigans. You should talk to an attorney because there are alot of long term questions to think about with a serious injury. These cases are contingent so you don’t lose anything by having the conversation. Good luck.