What help is out for my son who has a parallelized arm get help ,turned down for disability!!! He can't work!

Asked in Kane, PA , on Sep 12, 2021

My son was hurt in a logging accident parallelized his arm but the co that he was working with had no insurance so he couldn’t collect anything ! He can’t work he’s in so much pain still he needs housing an no one will help

Answered on Sep 12, 2021

You should talk to an attorney that specializes in Worker’s Compensation. In many states, including Pennsylvania, if the PA Worker’s Compensation act applies to the injury there is a fund created to address uninsured employers. The rules about whether the Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation Act would apply are very complicated, but they include the situation where the contract for hire was made in Pennsylvania even if the injury occurs elsewhere. Additionally, if he sits down or calls an attorney that handles these matters, they may also be able to see a personal injury claim. At least in Pennsylvania, immunity under the Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation Act for the employer can be avoided at times when the employer is uninsured. He definitely needs more assistance and an individual discussion with an attorney that handles these matters.