What if I hit anothercar that was parked 2 weeks ago? They got paid 700 for damages and I was injured. I have to seek medical tr

Asked in Coatesville, PA , on Oct 24, 2021

A car was parked in back of me. I hit it by accident they had damage and I was injured. I didn’t go right away fir treatment because I got covid

Answered on Oct 25, 2021

It sounds like you were injured in a car accident at work, based on your posting. You may need to provide some additional details but if you were injured and you were working you should be able to recover WC benefits. Whether you were negligent, is not an issue in the WC context. You should contact someone who handles these matters and actually talk through it with them, that way you could provide additional needed facts. Good luck with the case and I hope you are feeling better with the COVID.