What should I do? I have had no surgery yet, and same symptoms. Already had treatment scheduled, but had to now switch doctors.

Answered on Jan 10, 2016

Treating with a panel provider is very difficult, I always try and find as many ways around it as possible. The quality of care does not tend to be too high and the level of interference from the insurance company is not always conducive to quality treatment. If you want the insurer to pay your medical bills, you have to see a panel provider. There is no absolute requirement to see them for 90 days, but there is a requirement to see them if you want your bills paid. Someone asked about the panel provider list, which has to be provided on hiring and at the time of the injury. There are a few other requirements in the statute, but that is the biggest one. The judges in Williamsport are very reasonable, so you are likely in a decent forum. However, you definitely should talk to a WC attorney and get them to start haloing you. There are too many little things to worry about in a WC case and they issues are constant. Good luck.