What should I do?

Asked in Philadelphia, PA , on Oct 1, 2021

In March of this year I was involved with a chemical accident at work were I sastained 2nd degree burns and face scaring and loss of hair, I didn’t go to the hospital but I have pics and have scaring in my head from the chemical

Answered on Oct 3, 2021

You may be able to make a claim for both workers compensation and in a civil suit, but it will be very much fact dependent. You will be entitled to WC benefits and should contact a WC attorney as the insurers tend to ask people to sign papers in these cases that are not always fair. There are also several things that can be done to maximize your case. On the civil side, unfortunately, your employer cannot be sued in a civil suit as they have immunity under the WC act. Also, since you are only entitled to wage loss, medical benefits and for disfigurement/scarring based on your average weekly wage (which sometimes can lead to unfair results), in cases like this, it is always important to try and find a 3rd party to sue. In a third part suit you can have broader damages, including pain and suffering. That said, you may also need a civil attorney as well or any attorney that does civil and WC. Good luck.