Workers Comp Judge ordered reinstatement and back payment, which should be further reduced by a particular previous employer.

Asked in Norristown, PA , on Sep 24, 2014

I was awarded reinstatement and back pay by the WCJ from 12/7/12 – 7/22/14. The order stated my payment is to be reduced by an employer I no longer work for. I worked for that employer from 7/5/2013-9/22/13. Does that apply to my current employers too? I started with my new employer 9/23/13.

Answered on Sep 25, 2014

Agreed, you will have to report your earning and there will be a reduction. I have had people with a very high compensation rate and then a very low earned wage that it did not effect much. You should always carefully review the calculation of the insurance company, they are not going to average up for you, promise that. Good luck.