Workers Compensation in Pennsylvania

If you get injured on the job or as a result of your job activities:

Seek emergency medical attention if needed.



Save copies of all correspondence regarding your injury.

Your benefits include all reasonable and necessary medical treatment, benefits for lost wages and benefits for specific injuries resulting in permanent disabilities such as loss of use and/or disfigurement (scars).

You will generally receive two-thirds of your average wage up to a fixed ceiling.

These payments are tax-free, however there may be some offsets.

You are eligible wage-loss replacement benefits as soon as you have lost seven days of work because of an injury or illness.

For the first 90 days you are required to treat with a “panel” physician.

You are free to choose your own doctor if your employer does not have a list of “panel” physicians. You are also free to select another doctor on the list if the first choice was unsatisfactory.

Your employer’s insurance company will make the initial decision on whether your injury is covered under the Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation Act.

If your claim is denied, you are entitled to file a Claim Petition that will be assigned to a Judge who will conduct a hearing to make a determination regarding your eligibility to receive workers compensation benefits.