Workers compensation injury caused a secondary injury. Is the secondary injury covered? How do I go about filing if it is?

Asked in Akron, PA , on Apr 6, 2014

I hurt my back at work a month ago. Today my back spasmned and my legs gave way when crossing the street because the pain went into my knee. I fell down skinned a knee sprained my right elbow and cracked the front of my head on the gravel. Am I covered for fees and treatment since it was the back spasm that caused the fall?

Answered on Apr 7, 2014

There is a line of cases about that exact issue that holds an employer liable not only for the direct and immediate consequences of an injury but also for the reasonable consequences of that original injury, sometimes expert testimony many be necessary, like a case I recently had with an individual with arthritic knees that gave out. Another situation this could come up is when a person is injured in the course of their treatment, such as a muscle tear during physical therapy. Once you have the insurer on the hook, things open up to be a little easier for the claimant. Good luck with the claim and I hope you get what you deserve for your injury.