Occupational Injury Reported to Employer a moth ago, with not Answer

Answered on Jul 29, 2014

Repetitive work injuries can be the basis for a workers compensation claim. They are difficult but frequent issues. If your employer does not acknowledge the claim, you could need to file a claim petition. That would establish a right to medical benefits and any wage loss. If the WC doctors are properly posted you may have to treat with the insurers doctor for 90 days. However, if they are not acknowledging the claim, you may be able to treat with the doctor of your choice if you have other insurance, etc. Sometimes that helps to get right to the actual condition and if it is work related. You would need to sit down with an attorney and talk about all the facts, which does sound like a good idea at this point because if you have carpel tunnel you will need to manage the claim carefully, especially the early parts of the claim. Good luck.